About Us

Aori Dolls is a company that is committed to making Realistic and Environmentally Friendly dolls. So that more children can grow up healthy with their company; Also we hope to let more lonely seniors, orphan families, or Dink families feel the warmth of a baby doll.

Aori is a website dedicated to reborn baby dolls. We have professional painters who paint newborn babies.

You can find the most realistic baby dolls (we only sell the reborn baby doll, do not sell creepy baby dolls).

Exciting brands Aori consist of great artist and our discerning collectors have a keen eye for the best look anywhere so you can always find a baby doll. Collection is more than simply behavior, it also represents our aspirations, which is why artist works are as unique and individual as you. Aori Dolls will strenuously bring most touching arts for everyone people, and help expel loneliness, make more happiness to people life.

Each doll is painstakingly reproduced to the Artist standards providing the world’s best selection.

Every detail is important to us – the heartwarming facial expressions, adorable and unique fabrics, the finest porcelain or vinyl, and expert sewing and stitching.

A Aori doll is the work of a group of inspired people committed to bringing you the very best.

Aori insists on that you have 100% satisfactory. Our goal is to create the perfect doll to retain the goodness and beauty in life’s moments.

Our Factory