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About Aori Dolls

Aori Dolls is a company that is committed to making Realistic and Environmentally Friendly dolls. So that more children can grow up healthy with their company; Also we hope to let more lonely seniors, orphan families, or Dink families feel the warmth of a baby doll.

Aori is a website dedicated to reborn baby dolls. We have professional painters who paint newborn babies.

You can find the most realistic baby dolls (we only sell the reborn baby doll, do not sell creepy baby dolls).

You may have heard about them in the news or on a particular TV program, but not really understood what all the fuss was about. There is quite a bit of buzz surrounding reborn dolls these days and this article is designed to answer the question: “What is a Reborn doll”?

Reborn dolls – or reborn baby dolls, as they are also known – are currently a hot topic which causes controversy whenever it comes up in conversation or in the Press.

Opinion is divided into two camps…


Reborn dolls are most usual amongst adults mainly mommies as well as other women. Most of the born-again musicians and collection agencies believe that lifelike infant dolls are not appropriate for youngsters as there are chances …

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